Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your products sourced from?

The products are sourced from producers within a 100 kms of the urban centre. In some instances we can meet suppliers that are at a greater distance.

How can I or my team become a vendor?

You can contact us using the ‘Become a Vendor’ form or give us a call at 902 446 3005 in PEI or 506 799 2909

Do you offer gluten free or vegan alternatives?

Yes, some of the vendors do have vegan or gluten free products.

What is the average delivery time?

Deliveries are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday. Initially the product is picked up and then delivered ensuring the freshest possible products.

What is the health inspection process for the food you sell?

All products sold are required to have all proper licensing. This includes licenses for prepared food establishments and licenses for online sales.

Will my ingredients be delivered in a contactless manner? Does Dinnerbasket follow COVID-19 Restrictions?

While all products are required to be handled, other than the producers themselves it is only the delivery driver who will be preparing the orders.

How is the food safely transported to avoid spoiling?

For all products that are required to be refrigerated we transport in coolers. However, after the food has been delivered it will be the costumers responsibility to ensure this temperature is kept either by being available during the time of delivery or leaving a cooler accessible to use.

Can I have different city addresses under one account and still place orders for multiple cities?

A selection can be made for which area you are ordering from which will also only allow delivery within that area. If you are in another area you will need to update your address.

Are there any other charges or taxes in addition to the price shown?Is VAT added to the invoice?

Most food products do not have taxes but those that have been prepared ready to eat will have tax and drinks may have a bottle deposit.

Will someone inform me if my order delivery gets delayed?

All orders are delivered on the same day as pick up and there is no scheduled time. If there is any problems we will email this information.

How do I check the current status of my order?

The only way you can check the status of your order is by contacting our customer support team.

When and how can I cancel an order?

An order can be cancelled up to 36 hours before delivery day.

How do I contact customer service?

You can contact customer service in New Brunswick by calling 5067992909 and customer service in Prince Edward Island by calling 9024463005

What do I do if an item is defective (broken, leaking, expired)?

We have a no-questions-asked return policy. In case you are not satisfied with a product received you can return it to the delivery personnel at the time of delivery or you can contact our customer support team and we will do the needful.

How will I get my money back in case of a cancellation or return?

We will refund your purchase using the same method you used to pay for your purchase.

I’d like to suggest some products. Who do I contact?

If you are unable to find a product or brand that you would like to shop for, please write to us at and we will try our best to make the product available to you.