Our Delivery Service

Dinner Basket Delivery

Order your food from local producers and have it delivered. We bring fresh food to your door!

Buying your food from Dinner Basket is easier than getting groceries at the store. It saves time and money. Time how long it takes you to get your groceries and then see how quick it is to order online with Dinner Basket. This is a great reason to get groceries on Dinner Basket but perhaps the best part is that the products are all coming from our local community. Dinner Basket is the easiest, cheapest and freshest way to to stock your kitchen and make wonderful food.

How it Works

When you make an order on Dinner Basket we add this to a list for each producer to fill. They get paid directly. We collect all the items for a day’s delivery and then deliver each order. We charge a delivery fee. It’s simple, easy and convenient. Think of the express shoppers at the grocery store only this is from farmers and producers all around you and pick up is at your front door.

We will leave your box at your door. We recommend that you leave a cooler out for us to put the produce in. If not we will leave you a box.

Deliveries are Tuesday and Saturday. Through the summer and fall when more product is available we will also add Thursday. You can expect your box to arrive on your doorstep between 2pm – 7pm.

We are still working out where we will be able to reach so for right now let’s try it out. The more people who use Dinner Basket, the easier it is for us to reach everyone.

Meal Kits

On Dinner Basket you can choose recipes and order the ingredients right on the site. The difference Dinner Basket has over Meal Kit delivery is that you can make the recipe the size you want and have ingredients left over for another meal. And, well, it’s all local products. We are asking chefs to help us with some great recipe ideas. If you have some recipes you also want to add, let us know.


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Carbon Footprint

Even if you aren’t thinking about how you can do your part for the planet, know this: “Buying your groceries this way is better for the planet, even if just a little bit. Buying local products as opposed to those imported internationally is not just good for the community economically it has an impact on carbon reduction globally”