Vendor Agreement

Vendor Agreement for DinnerBasket.Ca

By registering with DinnerBasket.Ca as a vendor you consent to these policies.

Vendors must have all appropriate licenses and permits

1. Any food establishment making ready-to-eat food must be done so in a licensed kitchen and if a permit is required to sell your product online you are required to have this permit. 

Product packaged for each order

2. Each order must be packaged separately. There does not need to be separate packaging for multiple items but products need to be packaged in the amounts ordered. I.e. Five orders of 5lbs of carrots is 5 bags of carrots and not 25lbs of carrots.

Vendors are responsible for their inventory

3. Products that are available online are also required to have available inventory. Inventory management is possible with the DinnerBasket.Ca website and the inventory either needs to be up to date or a depletion of stock communicated with a vendor manager.


4. Product needs to be ready for pickup the morning of delivery. Vendors can choose to sell their products for each delivery day but they must also be available that morning for pickups. 

Vendor Removal

5. Any contravention of the above policies may cause DinnerBasket.Ca administration to remove the vendor and their products from the marketplace.

Date: June 2nd, 2021